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Civil Procedure: Cases, Problems, and Exercises, 4th

This book differs from other Civil Procedure casebooks in several ways.
  • A new feature uses a "modular" approach, enabling you to choose from "long" (paper) and "short" (electronic) versions of several chapters (including pleading, jurisdiction, and Erie).
  • Because of time constraints, several topics are in electronic formats only (including advanced joinder, alternate dispute resolution, and full-faith and credit). YOU have the option to select the depth of coverage for these topics.
  • Extensive problems and exercises encourage the student to read and apply the actual rule rather than a court's paraphrasing of that rule.
  • Extensive notes materials supplement the cases and problems.
  • The overall result = a very teachable book for you, as well as a useful long-term desk reference for your students.

2016 Supplement to Civil Procedure:
Cases, Problems, and Exercises, 4th

The 2016 Supplement to the new 4th edition of Cross, Abramson, and Deason, Civil Procedure: Cases, Problems, and Exercises contains the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure with selected advisory committee notes and key provisions from the United States Code. It also contains selections from the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, the Federal Rules of Evidence, and the United States Constitution that are useful for teaching the course. This supplement is designed to be suitable for use in any Civil Procedure course.

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